What will volunteering do for you?

Volunteering for a nonprofit is engaging and rewarding. For some it offers the chance to give back to their community or support something important to them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.

Here at the North End Makerspace we have specific roles within our committees that need filling as well as general volunteers who help wherever they are needed. When you sign up to volunteer, we will work with you to find a role you enjoy and excel in. Take a look at our open roles, as well as what our committees do and see where you are interested or experienced in helping out! If you aren't seeing something for you, there are a few more options at the bottom of this page.

 Volunteer for NEM    Available Roles 


The events & marketing committee plans our classes and events then markets them through social media and advertising. They could always use a hand with...

Running events and classes
Interacting on social media
Inspiring makers
and more!


The membership & volunteers committee works to onboard new members and volunteers, help them however needed, and resolve any issues that arise. They are always looking for folks to help with...

Onboarding new people
Engaging our membership
Finding motivated volunteers
and more!


The finance committee is tasked with finding the best ways we can spand, save, and make money. Maybe you can assist them with...

Fundraising ideas
Grant seeking
and more!


The facilities committee oversees our makerspace and keeps it running and looking great. They would love help with...

Cleaning areas
Performing tool maintenance
Keeping people safe
and more!

Other ways to help

We occasionally send out messages to a wider group of helpers to ask for assistance with large projects or events. Using the blue button below you can sign up for this email list. You can also use the gray button to submit a class you would like to teach. If you'd like to help out but are unable to make a time commitment, you can always become a member or donate money/tools as well.

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